In addition to advocating for special needs children and their families in her one-woman show, "Stronger than the Wind", Alice Manning co-founded "Friends of Freedom to Choose", a group formed to raise funds for the "Freedom to Choose Foundation". She also co-founded "Surf 'n' Serve", a fun, service-based project targeting the surf zones of the world.

"Friends of Freedom to Choose"

In 2008, Alice received a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. At the time, her Professor and Advisor, Dr. David Paul (who co-directs "Freedom to Choose" with his wife, Dr. Bonnie Paul), informed Alice about the program. Alice, inspired by the mission of the program, began volunteering with the “Freedom to Choose” Prison Project. After 5 years of volunteer commitment, she was inspired to co-found, “Friends of Freedom to Choose”, with the main objective of helping to raise funds to sustain and grow "Freedom to Choose" Community Projects.

What is "Freedom to Choose"?

"The Freedom to Choose Foundation" is an award-winning non-profit organization offering educational, life-changing workshops to individuals both in and out of prison. These workshops are designed to "shift and uplift lives by teaching proven, practical tools for communication and emotional freedom to people in the areas of criminal justice, addiction and recovery, and other at-risk and under-served populations." One of the greatest points of emphasis in the programming is the life skill of forgiveness, as well as the ability to exercise good choices in the midst of challenging circumstances.   

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

As mentioned on the "Freedom to Choose" Website, "The workshop was originally created for people serving life sentences in prison, with the intention of supporting them in living more meaningful lives, whether or not they ever parole. The name of the workshop, 'Freedom to Choose,' is derived from the work of Viktor Frankl, who was a psychiatrist interred in a concentration camp in World War II." 

Frankl believed that the last human freedom was to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, and The Freedom to Choose Foundation's aim is to carry that message of empowerment to many vulnerable and under-served populations. 

"Surf 'n' Serve"

In 2012, Alice co-founded “Surf 'n' Serve” with her niece, Elizabeth, and her daughter, Natalie. As the name suggests, "Surf 'n' Serve" is a harmonious blend of surfing and service. It involves hitting the beautifully vast surf zones of the world, while also serving people-in-need who inhabit those zones.

Alice and co-founders, Elizabeth and Natalie, recently traveled to Nicaragua to surf, and be of service to the “Mobile Library Project,” a non-profit organization that lends books to children in San Juan del Sur and its impoverished rural areas. 

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Along with lending books, they facilitated an art project - an “Ideal Scene” - and an acting workshop with the children. Other stops include Peru and Cape Town, South Africa.

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