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Having spent years honing her skills in acting under the direction of renowned teachers, Alice became not only a student of the craft, but a teacher of it as well. She taught acting at Harvard for five years, all-the-while continuing to build a resume in theater, film, and television.

Now, Alice's years of experience in acting, as well as her experience in teaching it, allows her the unique ability to make the theoretical practical. She not only teaches the craft. She has lived it.

Alice Manning, in her defining work, "Stronger than the Wind"

Alice Manning, in her defining work, "Stronger than the Wind"

“Telling Your Story”

An acting / writing / solo performing class

Taught by Alice Manning

The class will introduce students to the world of Solo Show writing and performing.

Each of us has a compelling story to tell - a story that can move others. As we practice the skill of story-telling, we're able to connect with our audience in a very healing, honest, and intimate way.  

The "Telling Your Story" workshops combine acting exercises, improvisation, movement, writing, and coaching to carefully craft and bring out the best stories in you. The workshop can be tailored - in content and duration - depending on your needs. 

Interested in hosting or attending a workshop? Please fill out the online form with your statement of interest and any questions you may have. You may also contact Alice's booking agent, Chris Benninger, YOUR STORY ON FILM LLC, at 330-441-2040 or

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